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Electronic Digital Image (EDI) Entry Form
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Before Uploading Your Images:

Electronic Digital Images (E.D.I.) should be saved as JPEG files in the sRGB colour space and should conform to the following size restrictions:
Maximum width =    1920 pixels
Maximum height =   1080 pixels
Maximum file size = 3000 Kilobytes (3 Mb)

File names for E.D.I.s should be lower case and in the format
Title  + (maker's membership number) 34.jpg
e.g. Filename for 'A day at the races' by maker 34 would be:
a day at the races_34.jpg

Once you click the 'Submit' button, be patient as large files can take a few minutes to upload. You will be prompted to put in a four digit security code after which you will see the "Congratulations you have successfully uploaded your images" page once complete. You will also receive an 'Auto-reply' email from the Parklands Steward informing you that your images have been received.

Image Resizing

Resizing tutorial for 'Photoshop' users. Click Here
Web sites that do it for you:      

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Digital Work Steward: Nerissa Turner
Competition Steward:  Gail Crennan

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